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Childrens Activities in Nursery and School


We combine exercise and activity in a fun and inclusive way!

Tickety-Boo specialises in activity and dance based activities that offer alternative forms of exercise with a variety of programmes to suit all ranges and abilities. We have delivered our range of dance and fitness sessions in schools since 2006 offering exercise that stimulate children physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a school it is essential to offer a diverse range of activities with positive health messages built in and this is our speciality. Through our experienced and knowledgeable instructors we deliver a range of classes that allow children to learn and develop new skills away from the normal sports spectrum.

Our sessions are non-competitive, all inclusive and encourage team work and peer interaction.


Curriculum Coaching

We offer curriculum coaching and specialised PE sessions for all age ranges and key stages including pre-school and nurseries. Our sessions follow national curriculum guidelines with specific classes that differentiate between varying age ranges and abilities.

We are flexible to individual requirements and can tailor your sessions to set times, themes and venues. We offer delivery throughout term time as part of curricular physical education sessions, as well as being available for breakfast and lunchtime clubs and afterschool clubs.

We also offer full day sessions and workshops that are well suited to Activity or Health weeks as well as offering sessions specific to current curricular subjects and themes.

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Dance In Schools

Let us bring playtime to you!

We already work with SureStart children centres, schools and nurseries where we take our PlayTime programme, bouncy castles (manned or unmanned) for in school activities and special events and fetes.

If you are a teacher faced with the challenging task of offering dance classes to your pupils or wish to broaden their curriculum, or just offer additional dance and fitness classes; whatever the need, we are able to offer a broad range of dance programmes covering the full age range of students, from single dance sessions and master classes through to a fixed number of sessions or weekly dance classes, during the academic day or even after school dance clubs. We can even offer training to teachers and leaders to build their confidence in delivering our class plans or even creating their own.

Our staff have a full grasp of classroom management and task delivery.

We offer teachers and schools many different kinds of support to deliver a rich dance experience for their students. All of our comprehensive dance plans require zero preparation from the teacher and are compliant with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We have a range of activities and classes devised to address healthy school initiatives, positive play, increased physical activity, PPA Cover, examination support and extended curriculum.

We are happy to visit your school or organisation to implement any dance initiative or national training programme. Simply contact us for further information and quotes.