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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a party?

Fill in the enquiry form or ring us on 07818033292. Once we have confirmed your party date we ask you to complete a booking form and pay a £20 deposit either by cheque or via our paypal link.


Q. Do I have to book a place at Tickety-Boo?

No just turn up.


Q. Do we pay for siblings?

We have a fixed price of £4.50 for one adult and up to 4 children, and for parents and carers who only have babies under 12 months old we charge £2.50.


Q. What is the age range for children at Tickety-Boo?

It is designed for children from birth to 4 years old.


Q. Do we leave the children?

No, our Tickety-Boo sessions are stay and play.



Q. Do you run through the holidays?

We run a  few of our sessions during the holidays but advise that you check the ‘News’ page and our facebook page ‘Tickety Boo’ for up to date information and timetables.

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